Giving Businesses Meaningful
Customer Information
for Data-Driven Decisions

RingSquared™ is part of International Telcom LLC’s family of brands including Dial800 and Kall8. RingSquared offers responsive tracking, analytics and communication solutions for businesses. Their services drive more calls and interactions, increase sales, and help improve customer experience. Through their inbound and outbound call tracking to voice analytics using AI, custom call routing, complete business phone services, flexible data integrations and more, their goal is to give businesses the meaningful customer information they need to make data-driven decisions.

Website Design

Modera’s relationship with Dial800 began as a vendor we’ve utilized to set up phone numbers & tracking for digital campaigns. By getting to know us and our work, the team at Dial800 reached out when it was time to design a new website for them. Utilizing their bright & modern new branding, Modera worked to creative a visually engaging experience that would communicate the breadth of their services. What resulted is an interactive & informative experience that their team could build and expand on as they continue to grow.

Website Design

When it came time for RingSquared to build out a website of their own, the team reached back out to Modera to build off of what we had designed for Dial800. Working with a new look & feel, Modera put together a website experience that kept the breadth of content of their previous site but built upon it for a clean, modern look.

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