Driving Change in Value-Based Care with Healthly

Healthly is not your average healthcare payer. They’re a health company with a powerful perspective on “well care” vs. “sickcare;” and, are on a mission to empower doctors to devote more time and attention to their patients, ensuring that each individual receives the comprehensive care they deserve. By prioritizing primary care, support services, and focusing on preventive medicine, their innovative solutions streamline administrative tasks and elevate efficient medical practices that ultimately foster a nurturing environment for optimal patient well-being and satisfaction. Healthly chose Modera as their strategic integrated marketing partner to raise awareness of their rapidly growing company, and promote their new business model around value-based care among physicians. Modera provides a variety of services for Healthly including: marketing strategy, branding and design work, public relations such as thought leader content development; and, digital and traditional marketing services to further position Healthly as a leader in the movement towards holistic and lifestyle-driven medicine practices.