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Whether it is a small business with a single location, e-commerce, or a large shopping center boasting several name-brand stores and restaurants, Modera has the expertise and experience to help retailers stand out in a competitive environment. We have proven strategies and tactics to create interest among a variety of demographics; and, we know how to drive foot traffic, enhance the shopper experience and increase sales. We also work with retailers on their branding, supporting grand openings, reimagining spaces for special events like pop-up shops, community events, and providing seasonal advertising and promotions.

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Modera’s deep understanding of retail branding comes from decades of working with shopping centers in California and Nevada. We take legacy brands into the modern era and are skilled at developing something completely new. Our branding services encompass everything from logo and iconography design to selecting colors, typography and styling that will become the signature look of a retail destination. We also provide brand strategy and guidelines that will influence retailer implementation, messaging and enabling memorable shopper experiences.

Traditional & Digital Advertising

To stay top-of-mind among shoppers, retailers must leverage a mix of traditional and digital advertising. Modera helps retailers navigate which channels make the most sense to achieve their objectives and goals. We also provide creative services to develop assets for TV, radio, outdoor, online, and direct mail campaigns. Our team applies our expertise in audience targeting and campaign reporting and optimization to maximize your advertising budget and ensure your message reaches the right audience.

Website Design & Development

How a retailer’s website looks and functions is just as important as maintaining a physical storefront. We help retailers use their website to share important information, drive foot traffic to specific locations or support e-commerce success. Modera works with retailers to keep their websites up-to-date, on brand and provide the best user experience possible on desktop and mobile devices. We also work with brands to strategize how they can leverage their site to become more discoverable, facilitate promotions and support customer service, among other retail needs.

Event Development & Marketing

With the goal of driving traffic to the retail stores and restaurants, Modera helps fulfill Property Management companies’ lease required advertising commitments by planning, marketing and executing onsite events. Whether it's creating a safe place for families to Trick-or-Treat throughout the shopping center, or partnering with community organizations to support local charities with food drives, Modera works with Property Management companies to determine the best solutions for their business goals, initiatives and budgets. We help produce successful events that bring new and existing customers to shopping centers and through the doors of their retailers.

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful channel for retailers to build their brand and engage with customers. Whether we’re supporting organic and paid social with content creation or building profiles and managing retailers’ presence on various social platforms, Modera works with shopping centers in different capacities based on their social media needs and goals. We also consult shopping centers on strategies for leveraging user-generated content and influencer marketing.

Signage & Directories

The proper signage can say a lot about a shopping center, from permanent building and way-finding signage, event and promotional posters and banners, and store directories and maps. Modera manages design, messaging, hardware, printing and installation of signage throughout shopping centers.

Direct Mail

We all love getting good mail. The kind that contains a special offer or announces the opening of a new store in your neighborhood. Reaching people through direct mail is still one of the most effective ways for retailers to drive in-store traffic and run promotions. It’s a complementary strategy to other marketing efforts in supporting consumer brand recall and hyper-local audience targeting with specific demographic messaging. Fun fact, combining email with direct mail can lead to purchases six times larger than email alone.

Leasing Support

Modera’s experience working with property management companies to provide leasing support is one of our specialties. We create leasing brochures to attract new tenants, design vacant store window graphics, and assist with Salesforce campaigns to generate leads and nurture prospective tenants.

Onsite Graphics

Retail environments are an ideal opportunity to provide immersive shopper experiences. By creating wallscapes, elevator and stair wraps, Instagram moments, pole banners, and floor graphics, you can take shoppers on a journey they’ll want to tell their friends and families about. Modera gets creative with our retail clients to help them maximize opportunities to create reasons for people to come back and shop again.

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