Craig Seki

Craig is our Senior Designer with over 25 years in the creative world. His skills and knowledge of just about every facet of an agency makes him a natural mentor and someone you can always learn something new from. During his past experiences as an art director, Craig mastered the art of productivity and helping teams become more efficient in the creative process. Craig’s attention to detail and creative problem solving skills provides Modera’s clients with optimal production results. Having been a part of all aspects of the creative department from management, design to implementation, Craig knows what it takes to develop an idea from concept to activation for a broad range of businesses. Fun fact, Craig is Modera’s resident Scarface expert - ask him anything about the movie!


Let's get personal.

Favorite song you like to sing in the shower?

"Moon River"


Best advice you ever received?

Don’t eat yellow snow.


Fashion trend from your youth you’d like to forget?

Big hair

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