What’s The Hype with AI?

Digital Marketing
January 31, 2023

Although technology hasn’t quite arrived at robots taking over the world, Modera sees the value and benefit of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve digital features and increasing efficiency in process and projects. AI is here to stay and will only grow increasingly proficient the more we use it.

AI is the ability of computers or robots to perform tasks at the level of which human beings execute them. In recent years, it has become more and more integrated with daily life and business. For example, google maps uses it to analyze traffic patterns when predicting efficient routes to destinations. AI is also used for autopilot mode on airplanes, and of course, the development of self-driving cars. In the finance industry, AI is used to giving investors advice based on market trends and making future predictions. In the last year, the rise of AI in creating art work and avatars based on images or graphics submitted by users has become more and more common. The newest big AI trend is Chat GPT, a chatbot text generator by OpenAI that returns written copy in human language when given a prompt.

Whether using Siri, Apple’s iOS virtual assistant, or Alexa, the smart home assistant from Amazon, people are already comfortably engaging with AI in their homes and hands. Other examples in security include facial recognition and location recognition to improve safety and surveillance. Other safety features are fall and crash detection, which can make calls if a person is unable to do so or prevent car accidents by the help of integrated motion detectors.

Navigating the Artificial Intelligence technology landscape may sound intimidating, however, these tools are here to aid day-to-day life and operations in an efficient, ethical manner. It will impact every industry, whether in a large or small fashion. Embracing the tools and understanding how to implement them in meaningful ways, will be pivotal in improving and increasing efficiency and automation in many ways across all fields, especially marketing.To learn more about digital trends in marketing, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.