Three Reasons People Love Brands

Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing
March 29, 2023

People are attracted to brands that reflect their emotions, preferences, attitudes and beliefs. That’s why the process of creating a brand leverages both heart and science. It requires organizations to dig deep into its reason for existence; explore and define the features and benefits of its products and services, identify its values and mission, and create a persona that makes the brand appealing and relatable to its target audience. The result of that work is typically represented in a logo, icons, colors, typography, and guides how the brand shows up and communicates in different environments. The hope of any brand is that over time it drives a connection so powerful that people develop an affinity for it, and consciously choose it repeatedly over other brands in its category.

Emotions Drive Purchase Intent

The best brands consistently deliver on its promises to make you feel something. There’s an iconic scene from the hit AMC show “Mad Men” that comes to mind when the main character, Don Draper, says, “what you call love was invented by guys like me…to sell nylons.” While there may be several factors at play on why people make certain purchases, an overriding factor in people’s purchasing decisions is their state of emotion. What drives a person to spend money on brand A versus brand B, even if it’s at a higher cost, can come down to how that person is feeling (or wants to feel) at a specific moment and time. Specific brands can lift our moods which make us feel better about ourselves or associated with happiness; this is particularly true of retail brands (clothing, shoes, accessories). Likewise, nostalgia and a sense of belonging feed our emotional ties to specific brands; next time you’re at the grocery store ask yourself why you reach for certain cereal, ice cream or canned goods.


Desire and Aspiration Create Perception and Community

People also love brands that reflect who they want to be, not necessarily who they are. Luxury brands do a great job of creating and curating branded content to align with their target audiences’ aspirations. People often want to attain certain lifestyles and be a part of communities that reflect a particular status. Purchasing specific brands make people feel like they’ve achieved where they want to be in life, and are among people like them. We believe brands have responsibility too, and need to have a game plan for protecting their brand identity when it's being misused or leveraged by individuals or groups for things that go against their brand persona or values. This is why brands can be so powerful. They can come to represent what we love and hate the most, if not carefully managed.

Quality and Consistency Fuels Brand Love and Loyalty

Brands that are loyal to their customers and are consistent in their products and services keep people coming back again and again. People trust brands when they are consistent in their quality, design, and experiences. If an experience with a brand is beneficial, people will return to repurchase and may even become brand ambassadors. The rise of social media platforms over the last decade has created a whole new level for people to share their brand love and become influencers. This has changed the way brands and people engage, building even stronger loyalty by making customers feel seen and heard. Mobile technology has also unlocked new avenues for people to stay in love with brands by making it easier to access information and make purchases. Mobile devices have also paved the way for interactive brand experiences through lenses and other creative executions where people can become part of a brand’s world.

We’re passionate about branding at Modera. Our team is excited by the opportunity to help shape a brand’s existence or give it a refresh for the modern era. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to creating and managing a brand or developing brand marketing campaigns. If you haven’t checked out some of our branding work, you can take a look at our work samples. Ready to level up your branding? Reach us here.