Reflecting on Collaboration

November 15, 2022

This coming January it will be twelve years since I started Modera. It’s an exciting milestone. As I reflect on how far our agency has come since the beginning, we’ve grown in size and expanded our capabilities; and achieved one of my goals which was to build a team who values collaboration. This was a non-negotiable for me because among the key performance indicators of any successful business is how well a group of creative and skilled individuals can come together to achieve shared goals; moreover, demonstrate that same ethos with clients.

In the fast pace of “agency life” it is easy to get caught up in what you need to get done without considering how the work gets done, but it matters. When you’re in marketing like we are, the experience of doing business is more than transactional; it is relationship-driven. I’m incredibly grateful that many of Modera’s clients have been with us since the beginning and I’d like to think that’s because we’re intentional about acting as one team.

Is there an ideal environment to foster collaboration?

The pandemic changed the way we work. This was true across many industries, not just ours. Collectively, we pressured-tested our commitment to collaboration during this time of change. Shifting to a remote then hybrid environment required an even greater level of empathy, communication and accountability. I am still impressed with how the team made sure nothing fell through the cracks during the last two-plus years. It proves that when trust is the foundation of a team people don’t have to be physically sitting next to each other every day to keep collaborating effectively. Creating a workplace culture where everyone feels seen and heard is very important. Also, using technology like Slack and Zoom allow us to stay productive and connected. Turning those cameras on also makes a difference! If it’s not already part of your daily work-life, you’ll get used to it and begin to feel the positive impact of “seeing” one another in real-time.

How do you keep collaboration going when you hit rough patches or disagreement in a team?

It is inevitable with any size organization there will be moments when everyone isn’t on the same page. Experiencing challenges builds resilience and forces teammates to work out issues in a respectful way. It also presents an opportunity to become more flexible, creative and solution oriented. Embracing diverse perspectives is something I’m very passionate about and consider part of Modera’s core values. When discussing collaboration with the team, I agree with them that when we practice being engaged listeners and active participants in tough conversations it helps us become even more collaborative and the best partners to our clients.

What does success look like when you collaborate?

The result of consistent collaboration is an empowered team. When people are empowered it increases productivity, overall morale and the ability to take the work to the next level. This is why Modera’s client service is unmatched. Our ability to do great work as one team comes from within each individual. We thrive in building creative solutions to the toughest marketing challenges together. As we quickly approach the holiday season, I am reminded of how thankful I am of each person at Modera and our clients who keep making work fun and meaningful.

Alyson Yarberry

Founder & President, Modera Inc.