Modera’s 12 Days of Giving - Holiday Giveback 2020

December 15, 2020

Modera Inc. is incredibly proud to kick off our 2020 holiday giveback campaign, “Modera’s 12 Days of Giving.” This year's giveback initiative is in support of several non-profit organizations and causes that are near and dear to our collective hearts.

“Sharing some of the fruits of those successes with non-profits has always been a passion of mine; in fact, it was one of the founding principles of the company," President and Founder, Alyson Yarberry explains. “Historically, I have chosen which non-profits we would support. But, this year I want to put those decisions in the hands of each Modera teammate”.

About the Campaign

Each day, Modera will reveal one non-profit organization that’s been hand-picked by a Modera team member. Modera will donate $100 for every year of consecutive employment for that employee and will highlight each cause on our social media, and be featured below on this post.

Be sure to check back each day from now through December 26th, to learn more about each cause that Modera is giving back to!

We hope to spread awareness, inspiration, and kindness this holiday season. From the Modera family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday season! Continue reading below to see the organizations that we are donating to and why.

Day 11: TranSanta

Chosen By: Alyson Yarberry, President Launched by 25-year-old actor Indya Moore, TranSanta wants to make sure that every kid gets a gift this year by letting anyone anonymously gift presents to trans kids and young adults in need. This is why Modera President, Alyson, decided to support this initiative this holiday:

"I try to support causes that resonate with me throughout the year but this holiday I read about a new initiative that allows you to anonymously gift presents and gift cards to trans kids and young adults in need. TranSanta’s Instagram page lets you read letters to “Santa" and links to a Target registry with their wishlist. It’s heartbreaking how many young people don’t have the support of their families during this time of extreme isolation due to the pandemic and adding the holidays on top of it makes the situation more dire. This is a way to show young people, who may not realize it yet, that they are not alone and there is a community of people who care about them. Some of the common wishlist items are soap, blankets and socks, so many things we take for granted."

Check out more on this amazing cause by heading to their Instagram.

Day 10: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Oregon Chapter

Chosen By: Jennifer Sirchuk, Graphic Designer

Jen, our Graphic Designer, chose The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Oregon Chapter to donate to for our giveback campaign. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s grassroots work focuses on eliminating the loss of life from suicide by: delivering innovative prevention programs, educating the public about risk factors and warning signs, raising funds for suicide research and programs, and reaching out to those individuals who have lost someone to suicide. Jen on choosing AFSP for our giveback:

“Mental health awareness is so important to me. It has touched my life and the lives of many. This non profit provides critical resources for people in need.”
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Oregon Chapter

Learn more about programs and resources they offer and how to become an advocate for suicide prevention by visiting their website or on Facebook or Instagram.

Day 9: Big Brother Big Sister of Orange County

Chosen By: Alison Holt, Project Manager

Alison, Modera’s Project Manager, chose Big Brother Big Sister of Orange County for her Modera donation. Big Brothers Big Sisters matches youth facing adversity one-to-one with a caring mentor. Through these strong and enduring, professionally supported relationships, a child’s potential is ignited.

“I am passionate about the organization Big Brother Big Sister of Orange County. This is an organization that I joined about 2 years ago and was matched with my little. I’ve been given so many good memories and appreciate what they’ve done for me, my little and so many bigs and littles across the country, one match at a time.” - Alison H.

You can help support Big Brother Big Sister of OC by volunteering to be a mentor, making a donation, or attending an event.

For more on Big Brother Big Sister of Orange County, check them out online or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Day 8: MOMS Orange County

Chosen By: Alyssa Neuhart, Account Director

Alyssa chose Modera’s donation on her behalf to go to MOMS Orange County. MOMS Orange County provides free access to prenatal care, health screenings, infant development screenings, health education and referral services through monthly home visits and group classes for low-income pregnant women and their families.

“My non-profit choice for donation was MOMS Orange County. I chose this non-profit because I became a first time mom in 2020. Becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts — but also one that requires a lot of support. I feel am grateful to have the access to education, care, and doctors to have brought a healthy baby into this world and I hope my donation is able to provide that gift for more moms!” – Alyssa N.
MOMS Orange County

Learn more about MOMS Orange County: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Day 7: SOS Children's Villages International

Chosen By: Dijana Skoblar, Creative Director

Today’s feature for Day 7 of #Modera12DaysofGiving features SOS Children's Villages International, picked by Dijana Skoblar, our Creative Director. SOS Children's Villages associations worldwide are helping hundreds of thousands of children, young people and families providing quality care, empowering families and communities and helping to ensure that children's rights are met.

“This cause is very dear to me, because as a young child, I lived in Croatia with my grandparents and later moved to Germany to be with my parents. We would every year to be with family, and saw first hand the effects of the war, which were devastating.” – Dijana.
SOS Children's Villages International

Learn more about SOS Children's Villages International:Website, Facebook, Instagram

Day 6: Families Belong Together

Chosen By: Genesis Arreola, Social Media Manager

Genesis, our Social Media Manager, chose Families Belong Together for her #Modera12DaysofGiving donation. Families Belong Together works with nearly 250 organizations representing Americans from all backgrounds who have joined together to fight family separation and promote dignity, unity and compassion for all children and families.

“While most of us are able to sit safely, healthy, and alongside of our families in the comfort of our homes, it is horrifyingly devastating to know that there are children who have been torn away from their family and sit alone in cages at detention centers.”
Families Belong Together

Learn more about Families Belong Together: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Day 5: OC Animal Allies

Chosen By: Rosie Serrato, Senior Designer

Rosie, our resident Senior Designer, chose OC Animal Allies, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting Orange County families and their animals. Rosie’s pick for today’s Day 5 of #Modera12DaysofGiving stems from her passion for animals:

“I chose these guys, it was a difficult choice but they help the local community, families and their pets by providing solutions for spay and neuter, programs that focus on keeping animals out of shelters, emergency financial support, and other resources.”
OC Animal Allies

Learn more about OC Animal Allies: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Day 4: Arts Council Long Beach

Chosen By: Mark Loyola, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

Mark chose the Arts Council Long Beach for his Modera donation. Their work includes helping to leverage the arts, culture and creativity that shapes the physical, social and economic character of the diverse Long Beach neighborhoods.The Arts Council supports artists in Long Beach with a variety of programs and resources. They work with elected officials, municipal administrators, developers and school officials to include the arts and local artists in planning for Long Beach’s future.Mark on why he chose Arts Council Long Beach for his holiday donation:

“They have many programs that support local artists who are struggling right now, as well as arts education programs for LB youth. Long Beach is a large and diverse city with many different cultural, creative and economic backgrounds that can come together through the Arts Council. While COVID has affected nearly everyone, even before these arts programs are often the first when it comes to getting cut from schools. As a kid, I was able to benefit from free arts programs through community college classes in Covina that led to my interest in turning photography from a hobby into a business. When I moved to Long Beach, a majority of people I met was through the Arts Council and their events, and just like everyone right now, I’m sure they could benefit with a donation. I hope there can continue to be more kids, in an ever-changing educational (distance learning) landscape that can benefit from programs offered through the Arts Council.”
Arts Council Long Beach

Learn more about The Arts Council for Long Beach: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Day 3: Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice

Chosen By: Evan Dykes, Digital Marketing Specialist

Evan chose Modera’s donation on his behalf to go to the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice. IC4IJ serve the immigrant community of the Inland Empire and collectively advocate and work to improve the lives of immigrant communities while working towards a just solution to the immigration system:

“I chose this organization because I strongly believe that no one should be deemed an “illegal immigrant” on land that has been falsely claimed. This land belongs to everyone; why should an imaginary line determine where someone can and can’t live? My parents both immigrated to the US from England and I am a first generation American. My parents are white. My dad isn’t a citizen, yet no one has ever told him to “go back to his country” or asked “are you here legally?”. Immigration enforcement is fundamentally racist and one of the biggest humanitarian crises in our lifetime. Families are separated every day at our borders and kept in detention facilities on par with concentration camps. I hope that someday there is an adequate solution to this crisis and a way to provide retribution for those who lost their lives just trying to make a better life for their family.”
Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice

Learn more about Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Day 2: Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Chosen By: Chelsea Otto, Vice President

Chelsea chose the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, that identifies and invests in leading edge research that demonstrates the best hope for a cure to childhood cancer:

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t feel incredibly lucky to be a Momma of my two beautiful, kids, (3 1/2 year-old Maggie Rochelle, and a 17 month-old, Jethro William). I don’t ever take for granted that they’re healthy, and I pray every day that we never have to endure what so many families go through when their babies are diagnosed with cancer. I’m grateful for organizations like Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, who identifies and invests in leading edge research that demonstrates the best hope for a cure to childhood cancer. That’s why I chose PCRF, in honor of all the brave little cancer warriors and their incredible dads and mommas.“
Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Learn More about Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation: Website, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram

Day 1: Second Harvest Food Bank OC

Chosen By: Ariana Spero, Sr. Project Manager

Ariana chose Second Harvest Food Bank OC, whose mission is to end hunger in Orange County:

"Second Harvest Food Bank OC is an organization I’ve volunteered for and am so happy to be able to support. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone for a number of reasons, but especially hard for those experiencing food insecurity. Second Harvest is now serving about 500,000 people per month (double the number pre-pandemic) and I’m so grateful to be able to contribute to this organization so they can continue to meet the incredible need."
Second Harvest Food Bank OC

Learn more about Second Harvest Food Bank:Website, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram