Making Marketing More Eco-Friendly

Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing

Statistics about the environment make most people weary, but take heart. It’s not too late to do something that can help turn things around for the planet. Every marketer has an opportunity to make better, more informed choices. Together, we can take steps towards sustainability without sacrificing creativity or innovation. We put together this list of five ways marketing can be more eco-friendly that will hopefully inspire you to take action.

  1. Explore recycled paper stock and environmentally friendly ink for direct marketing materials and print collateral. Many print vendors have sustainable options, you just need to ask. Great vendor partners are always happy to educate you on the differences between different material sources so you can make the best choice for your business  needs and price point.
  2. Try alternative transportation for how you get to and from work or meetings. Whether you’re in the office full-time or have a hybrid schedule, there are great transportation options to consider that have a lower impact on the environment including carpooling with a coworker, bicycling, walking, and taking public transit that runs on electricity or bio-fuel.
  3. Incorporate “green” ideas into your marketing plans. Starting small and working more eco-conscious ideas into your plans is one way to be mindful of your impact on the environment. For example, marketers who support trade shows should explore alternative branded giveaway items like stainless steel straws, reusable tote bags made from recycled materials, and non-plastic water bottles.
  4. Invest in more digital marketing. Among the many benefits of embracing all things mobile and online is measurability and more opportunities to engage with your audience where they spend the most time. Modera is happy to help you explore how to increase your use of digital marketing tactics if you haven’t considered new ways to use this powerful channel – the ROI is there for your business and the planet.
  5. Consider sustainability as one of your company’s values. This is one of the most important areas that marketers can have an influence on. Think about how you can help foster important conversations with other business leaders around sustainability, and ways you can make it a part of your culture. Values empower employees to do the right thing and shape customer perception of what matters to your brand and the way you do business.

We hope you will join us this Earth Day, and every day, in considering how you can positively impact the well-being of our planet – a place we all call home. If you want to discuss ways your business can better incorporate sustainable marketing practices, please connect with us.