Happy Birthday, Alyson Yarberry!

December 24, 2020


2020 has been a trying year -- but in the struggle we have seen our leader, Alyson, stand up to the task and respond swiftly, fairly, and go above and beyond to put employee safety and security first. Her guidance and leadership through the years, and this year in particular, has shown us all how lucky we are to be a part of the Modera team. So now, as we close 2020, we have even more to celebrate - Her Birthday! Happy Birthday Alyson, and thank you for showing us how a great leader leads.
- A collective message from all of us, written by Alyssa Neuhart.

A few more notes and sentiments from the team on your birthday:

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Alyson for over 16 years! We have shared so much - and I have learned so much from her, and continue to learn from her, everyday. She cares for our team, our clients and goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is treated fairly and challenges us to be our best. She looks younger than me, which kind of pisses me off, but good for her. :) Happy Birthday, my dear friend, I love ya!

- Chelsea Otto

I have worked at Modera for 5 years and have gotten to know Alyson well during that time. She is an incredible leader for our team and mentor to me personally. She is deeply invested in our individual growth as well as our success as an agency. And above that, her passion for giving back to the community and fostering a fun, supportive work environment (even from home!) is what makes her such a fantastic leader and makes me proud to work at Modera. Happy birthday, Alyson! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and take a much-deserved break!

- Ariana

I have been lucky enough to work with Alyson since I started in the industry, and over the years she has taught me so much. Not just about client services and managing deadlines, but about how to be a good leader by standing up for what is right and believing in people. She is dedicated and caring and I’m so lucky to have had her as my boss and role model.

- Jenna

Happy Birthday to you, the fabulous Alyson! I am extremely grateful and lucky to be apart of the team here at Modera. You always have everyone's best interest, putting others before yourself, all while wearing a smile! I hope you have the very best day because you deserve it!! cheers!

- Alison

Over 6 years ago Alyson took the chance, and hired me without me having any prior agency experience. She took a risk — and she also provided the environment for me to learn quickly and be mentored by those at Modera. I was able to find and carve out my own path, and I was encouraged and supported along the way.  Over the years, I was able to provide direction, input and feedback to help Modera, and myself, grow. My opinions were always valued, my feedback was always asked for, and my happiness as an individual were put first.  Alyson always lead by example: work hard, never stop learning, provide the best solutions for clients, and enjoy each day as it comes — and because she as a leader has those qualities — I’ve always done my best to try to follow suit. Thank you Alyson for showing me the true value of a great leader, boss and friend.

- Alyssa

I feel very fortunate to learn from a leader, mentor and friend like Alyson who somehow balances hard work, a healthy dose of fun, and a large heart focused on social initiatives. It’s not every boss who:

  • Not only retains employees during COVID, but grows the team
  • Values the health and safety of her staff
  • Grows client roster in 2020
  • Donates on behalf of each employee to an organization of their choice.

It’s a testament to her personality and work ethic that most of Modera’s roster is through her connections; Alyson is someone you want to be around and work with.  I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking I can only hope to achieve what she has by her golden year. Thanks for crashing my house party 4 and a half years ago! Happy Birthday!

- Mark

Happy Birthday Alyson, cheers to a boss who is a motivator of the team to do their best work, who values and cares about her employees, personable, dedicated with a smile, and an animal lover. Here's wishing you a happy birthday with many more to come.

- Rosie

Alyson is a great leader who prioritizes her employees first and foremost. She is socially conscious, very level headed, and is the antithesis to a typical "corporate boss". I appreciate how she is always approachable and attentive to what you have to say. I feel like my input has always been taken into consideration regardless of how new to the team I was. She is relentless in her pursuit of getting new business and I am always impressed with her ability to do so.

- Evan

Happy Birthday Alyson! Thank you for being an amazing leader to our team. Everyone can learn a lot from all of the ways in which you support and lead the team through growth, new business, a pandemic, and so so much more. Thank you for all that you do!

- Genesis