mark loyola

DIGITAL marketing manager

"My favorite jobs are the challenging ones solved with creative solutions. I do my best to work outside the box because technology waits for no one."


Mark is Modera’s resident digital guru and self-proclaimed techie. He is always exploring the latest digital marketing trends across all devices and applications allowing Modera’s clients to stay one step ahead. Mark advises clients on how they can gain the most complete understanding of their digital audience’s footprint and expand their understanding of people’s interactions. He has successfully managed campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, LinkedIn and the Google Ad Network, proposing the most appropriate platforms based on each client’s unique needs. Mark applies his background in studio photography, video production, and design to social media and digital advertising campaigns giving them an artistic quality without losing impact. He believes each platform lends itself to a different service and audience. He loves that it’s his job to educate clients on how each platform can be used, and then optimize their campaigns for the best results and spending efficiency. He has successfully managed online campaigns by using advanced targeting methods and writing relevant content that matches the brand’s values. Mark likes that at Modera he gets to leverage many of his strengths and interests and is supported in continuing to become the expert his clients seek out and trust for creating the most effective digital presence. Mark is a graduate of Lewis & Clark where his degree is in Rhetoric & Media Studies.



Fun Facts

  • You can find Mark wandering art galleries and museums, when he’s not online

  • He used to host monthly music parties when he lived in Portland, perhaps a resurgence in OC?

  • Shooting 35mm film and bouldering are two of his favorite activities when he’s not creating his own Snapchat filters