Account Coordinator

"I love marketing because it turns a vision or idea into a message for everyone to enjoy."


Hannah is Modera’s account coordinator. She works directly with clients to manage their daily needs and field requests as well as develop blog and social media content. She enjoys being a liaison and making sure communication is always transparent and effective to achieve project goals. Her expertise in social media gives clients an edge in connecting with all generations. Hannah believes by understanding people’s unique behaviors and communication preferences you can set clients up for success. Hannah puts intention into all that she does, investing quality time and care into what she produces for Modera’s clients. Her natural business acumen is balanced with the ability to identify massive creative opportunity. Hannah’s skills of organization also are essential in her role as a coordinator. She recognizes there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to marketing, however her strength of remaining calm and keeping things moving forward work to her and the client’s advantage. This stems from her philosophy that, “the only way out is through.” It’s this inner determination and relentless drive that makes Hannah a Modera all-star.



Fun Facts

  • Hannah’s pride and joy is her daughter

  • When she’s not writing, she’s reading

  • Believes laughter is the best way to turn around a bad day