Alyssa neuhart

SR. Account executive

"It's important to me that the client is not only pleased with how a project turns out, but happy at each stage in the process—and I like being a part of what makes that happen."


Alyssa is a senior account executive at Modera who brings a light to the phrase “getting it done.” She’s all about action and is a reliable resource to Modera’s clients. From managing strategy through project implementation, Alyssa makes sure everything goes according to plan. Her background as a business manager coupled with over ten years of experience in internal marketing communications and digital advertising make her a well-rounded partner who understands the big picture and ensures the daily needs of clients are met. She manages projects from inception to completion, and works as a liaison between the clients, designers and vendors. One of the many aspects of marketing that she enjoys is that no single day is the same. Every day brings a new challenge and opportunity in Alyssa’s eyes. She is fueled by change and the chance to meet and interact with people. Her personal philosophy that mirrors the values of Modera is to trust the process, and never give up trying. Have no regrets exploring an idea as it can lead to innovation. Trying something new can lead to great results.



Fun Facts

  • When she’s not making client dreams come true, she’s hosting dream dinner parties

  • Alyssa conquers goals and mountains; hiking is her favorite hobby

  • She’s a girl who can code, gasp!