project manager

"Working with a team keeps me engaged and working with my clients keeps me passionate - It's the people that inspire me the most."


Alison is one of Modera’s Project Managers. She comes from a legacy of Mad Men. Her father and grandfather were both in advertising. Alison’s passion for the ad trade grew while she attended Radford University in Virginia. She quickly learned that advertising is not just about selling, it is about creating connection. At Modera, she enjoys working with clients to create schedules and processes that make it seamless for them to achieve what they envision. Alison says, “by being flexible and handling whatever comes at you with a smile you can get a lot more done.” Her philosophy around taking chances reflects in how she works as well. Her decision to take a huge leap when she moved across the country to join Modera shows that she’s literally willing to go the distance to achieve greatness.



Fun Facts

  • Is a champ on waterskis

  • New to California & donut obsessed

  • Tries 1 new thing every week