We love partnering with others in our industry to bring the best to the table for our clients. OCTA’s Rideshare Week campaign is a great example of three agencies working together in harmony to deliver an award-winning campaign. We the Creative, led by Joven Orozco, spearheaded the RFP and asked Modera to provide marketing and media strategy as well as media planning and execution. LMG (Lescher Mokuau Group) was also included to bring their vast knowledge to the table and head up the digital side. Rideshare Week is a part of OCTA’s Share the Ride Program, which is aimed at helping commuters find efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways to commute to work. 

This campaign incorporated an array of messages that engaged the community to interact. We implemented a new strategy focused on the power of physical experiences, bringing Rideshare Week to the people through an integrated marketing plan. It included the addition of a dedicated Rideshare Week street team. It was this combination of innovative design and messaging and out-of-the-box tactical execution that made this campaign a complete success!