Clarion, a leader in consumer and commercial mobile electronics in the automotive and marine industries hired Modera in 2012 to breathe new life into their consumer marketing efforts. Since then we have been providing a broad set of agency services which include marketing strategy, creative development, trade show displays, social media, videography, photography as well as a variety of promotions aimed at keeping the Clarion brand fresh and top of mind for consumers.

In 2014 Clarion launched Clarion Build's. The social media driven program fully restores and updates iconic and classic cars. From video production, to apparel design, Modera has been an integral part of the program's stellar content creation and mainstream success.

Clarion Builds is an automotive restoration program designed to connect Clarion to new and existing fans. As Clarion’s agency, Modera helped facilitate and create video content for each of their project cars. Every step of the restoration process was documented to keep fans engaged and informed.